Under-Floor Fire Barrier and Acoustic Barrier
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Under-Floor Fire Barrier and Acoustic Barrier

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    A graphite impregnated cloth barrier covered with a reinforced craft paper, designed to provide fire protection and support to wooden flooring.

    – Provides up to 104 minutes integrity and insulation- A 40mm thick sponge is also available, fitted in between the joists to provide acoustic protection and insulation
    – Ideal for protecting joisted wooden floors situated above suspended ceilings
    – Can accommodate joists which are up to 600mm apart, using wire mesh to provide additional support

    The under floor fire barrier is layed on top of the ceiling. Allow for a 50mm up each side of joist (e.g. if the gap between the joists is 400mm, a 500mm wide under floor barrier is required). 18 long fixing washers are supplied for fixing every 200mm apart per barrier. Individual sections of the barrier should be overlapped by 50mm.
    For acoustic requirement to U value and to meet Document E (H in Scotland) a 40mm thick sponge is supplied for the width between the joists – simply push into place between joists once the barrier is fitted.


    Reference                                            Dimensions                                         Fire Rating                                                              


    UF060/300                                      300mm x 1800mm                                   60 minutes

    UF060/350                                      350mm x 1800mm                                   60 minutes

    UF060/400                                      400mm x 1800mm                                   60 minutes

    UF060/450                                      450mm x 1800mm                                   60 minutes

    UF060/500                                      500mm x 1800mm                                   60 minutes

    UF060/600                                      600mm x 1800mm                                   60 minutes


    UF104/300                                      300mm x 1800mm                                  104 minutes

    UF104/350                                      350mm x 1800mm                                  104 minutes

    UF104/400                                      400mm x 1800mm                                  104 minutes

    UF104/450                                      450mm x 1800mm                                  104 minutes

    UF104/500                                      500mm x 1800mm                                  104 minutes

    UF104/600                                      600mm x 1800mm                                  104 minutes


    For sound insulation – 40mm thick soundproofing sponge

    Reference                                            Dimensions                                         Fire Rating                                                                 


    300/S                                                300mm x 1800mm                                   60 minutes

    350/S                                                350mm x 1800mm                                   60 minutes

    400/S                                                400mm x 1800mm                                   60 minutes

    450/S                ...







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