Electrad Energy Saving Heating Panels

Electrad Heating Panel

Introducing our innovative electric heating panels, a perfect solution for controlled heating throughout a variety of building structures, from domestic housing to office spaces and factories. Electrad heating panels are designed to keep energy costs down whilst maintaining high efficiency, so that you can enjoy the heat in the winter months without having to worry about your energy bills.

Our energy efficient panel heaters not only save you money on your bills but can also be assembled horizontally or vertically. Their sleek, clean style with colour options allows for a diverse and contemporary fit to any décor.

These heating panels are capable of producing radiant and convected heat equivalent to 500W, 1kW, 1.5kW, and 2kW heaters. Each heating panel is designed to provide low energy consumption yet high efficiency. Each panel is guaranteed for 3 years.


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What Are The Running Costs?

Electrad have made it apparent that your energy bills won't have to suffer large lump sums, especially in the winter months. Take a look at our running costs and see for yourself:

Our EHP1 - 175W Panel heater (440mm Wide x 600mm High) runs at an astonishing 7p per hour*

Our EHP2 - 300W Panel heater (640mm Wide x 640mm High) runs at 11p per hour* whilst approximating the heating capabilities of a 1kW conventional heater.

Our EHP3 - 350W Panel heater (1200mm Wide x 440mm High) runs at an amazing 15p per hour* outputting the same heating capabilities as a 1.5kW conventional heater.

Our EHP7 - 600W Panel heater (1300mm Wide x 640mm High) has a running cost of 22p per hour* which is an effective alternative to the 2kW conventional heaters this product can replace.

Our wall mounted EHP4 - 175W Towel rail heater (440mm Wide x 600mm High) has a running cost of 7p per hour* emulating the same heating abaility as a 500W conventional heater.