Intumescent Acrylic & Acoustic Mastic
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Intumescent Acrylic & Acoustic Mastic

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    A powerful, fire resistant filler and sealant which provides a permanent flexible seal against fire, smoke and toxic fumes.

    – For use as a seal between door frames and walls, around edges of partitions, or in voids around services such as pipes- Can be used in conjunction with Envirograf Intumescent Slabs (Products 4 and 5), Blocks (Products 2 and 3) and Expansion Joints (Products 39 and 40) to provide a robust penetration seal
    – Can be painted over for decorative purposes
    – Standard mastic tube can be used with any normal skeleton gun

    A minimum of 12mm depth is required around ceiling, floor and wall joints in computer
    areas. This prevents Halon gas escaping.
    All surfaces should be sound and clean. Oily surfaces should be wiped with white
    spirit and then dried.
    Dry, dusty brickwork must be moistened prior to application of Envirograf
    Intumescent Mastic, using a normal skeleton gun. Extrude the mastic firmly against
    the sides of the joint, ensuring firm contact.
    Can be painted over only after surface skin has formed.




    AM                                          310ml                                    Coloured

    AM                                          310ml                                    White

    Available on a pallet (1600) tubes                                   WHITE ONLY

    AM Special 310ml BS or RAL

    Available in standard colours: Brown, Grey and White.

    Please state clearly on your order which colour option you require.







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