Fireproof Paper For Upgrading Lath and Plaster Ceilings and Walls
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Fireproof Paper For Upgrading Lath and Plaster Ceilings and Walls

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    A fire resistant intumescent cloth patch, sold in square metres, to be applied to ceilings and walls using CA/N ceramic adhesive. For use on lath-and-plaster walls and ceilings needing fire protection upgrades. Provides up to 90 minutes insulation and integrity.

    Also part of the range is the FR wallpaper paste, which is designed to imbue wallpaper with fire retardant qualities.

    NEW Sealoplast lath-and-plaster repair system

    A new addition to the range is the Sealoplast lath-and-plaster repair system, designed to repair damaged lath-and-plaster walls and ceilings. Consists of a 10mm or 20mm thick length of acoustic, fire-resistant sponge, which can be cut to size and adhered to damaged areas of lath-and-plaster ceilings or walls. Combined with our new fire resistant patch paper, this is an economical and effective way to repair damaged ceilings and walls, without the need for re-plastering. Both products, once bonded in place, can be coated with Envirograf EP/CP plasterboard coating (Product 105) to provide up to 71 minutes fire protection.

    – The range is ideal for lath-and-plaster walls or ceilings in need of upgrading to a 90-minute fire rating

    – Sealoplast can be used to repair any sized hole in walls or ceilings, providing a flat surface to which our lath-and-plaster coating (Product 105) can be applied

    – FR wallpaper paste has fire retardant qualities, allowing wallpaper to resist spread of flame for longer

    S/Ceiling Fireproof Cloth:
    Clean off any existing wall or ceiling paper.
    Scrape off any loose paint. If gloss paint rub down with glass paper and coat with Product 93 ES/Stabond.
    Distemper – ensure that all distemper is removed from the ceiling and that distemper is not under existing coatings.
    Ensure the cleaned off ceiling is sealed with product 93 ES/Stabond to ensure the adhesive does not dry out due to the ceiling absorbing moisture.
    Cut the Envirograf® S/Ceiling Intumescent Cloth to length.
    Applying Envirograf® S/Ceiling Intumescent Cloth to ceilings is a two person job; one applying the adhesive with a comb float whilst the other is applying the S/Ceiling.
    Apply a coat of CA/N adhesive to the ceiling using a serrated edge application (As used when wall tiling).
    To press S/Ceiling onto the ceiling (white side affixed to ceiling) it is best to use a wide flat clean scraper & roll with a paper type roller.
    CA/N adhesive approximate coverage 3m² per litre.
    If the ceiling were clean, two people could apply approximately 20 meters of S/Ceiling in 90-120 minutes.
    Emulsion or other paints can be applied after 2-3 hours, giving the adhesive time to dry before coating.
    NOTE – The white side of the cloth is affixed to the adhesive. The speckled side down for decorating. If it is necessary to overlap the joints by approximately 15-20mm using a straight edge if the edges are frayed, if not just butt together and cut through the cloth taking off material and lightly roller the edges with a wallpaper roller.

    FR Wallpaper paste:

    Please refer to wallcovering manufacturers roll label for specific instructions.

    Apply the adhesive to the back of the wall covering (unless instructions given by the wallcovering manufacturer state otherwise), and hang in the normal method smoothing out with a soft cloth. Remove any excess adhesive.

    Tools may be cleaned in warm soapy water.


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