Saddles For Over Services
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Saddles For Over Services

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    A metal saddle lined with expanding intumescent which is affixed over practically any type of service passing through any type of wall, floor or ceiling. Available in a variety of profiles to easily affix to flat surfaces as well as corners.

    – Designed for use with pipes and cables penetrating walls, floors or ceilings at awkward angles- The standard U-shaped unit will affix readily to flat surfaces, while the H-shaped unit is ideal for corners
    – Easy to install and versatile, providing 2-4 hours fire protection

    The intumescent pipe covers simply fit over the services and they are then fixed with
    screws with raw plugs where applicable. U-shaped pipe covers are available for open areas, and special h-shaped
    units are available for application in difficult corners.

                    PIPE SIZE                                                             REF                                                                     REF                  

    Internal                  External                              2 hours (depth 50mm)                                    4 hours (depth 100mm)


    50mm                      55mm                                                  PC  50/2                                                                   PC  50/4

    65mm                      72mm                                                  PC  65/2                                                                   PC  65/4

    75mm                      83mm                                                  PC  75/2                                                                   PC  75/4

    100mm                  110mm                                                  PC100/2                                                                   PC100/4               

    127mm                  130mm                                                  PC127/2                                                                   PC127/4               

    150mm                  160mm                                                  PC150/2                                                                   PC150/4               

    175mm                  180mm                                                  PC175/2                                                                   PC175/4               

    200mm                  210mm                                                  PC200/2                                                                   PC200/4               

    225mm                  235mm                                                  PC225/2                                                                   PC225/4               

    250mm                  260mm                                                  PC250/2                                                                   PC250/4               

    300mm                  310mm                                                  PC300/2                                                                   PC300/4               




    TRUNKING SIZE                                                                 REF                                                            REF                        

    INTERNAL             ...







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