RSM Cavity Barrier
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RSM Cavity Barrier

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A range of flexible, moisture-resistant cavity barriers for providing effective fire protection and smoke seal in the cavity between brick or block walls and rainscreen cladding. Using fireproof sponge instead of mineral wool. The RSM range is very similar to the RSF range, however the RSF range comes with a foiled reinforced covering which is water resistant. 

Intumescent impregnated sponge barriers with fire and smoke stopping capabilities, clad in either moisture resistant foil (RSF) or a durable, intumescent-coated material (RSM). Available in a ventilated form fitted with one or two rows of holes (RSF/A and RSM/A), both of which are fitted a rubberised intumescent strip. Also available with a thick, front-facing strip of intumescent which will expand outwards in a fire (RSF/I and RSM/I). All are fitted with bracket fixings.

– Barriers have a slim profile without compromising fire rating – will still protect for up to 2 hours
– Non-fibrous, dust-free and easy to install
– The entire RS range can be fitted vertically or horizontally, with fixing brackets already in place
– Tested to BS EN 1363-1 (1999), achieving up to 132 minutes protection.
– Tested to BS476 Part 20, achieving up to 66 minutes protection.

This barrier comes supplied with 4 fixing brackets which can be simply screwed, nailed or spit nailed to the internal wall (pre-drilled holes are suitablefor up to 12mm size screws).

The non-fibrous products used in this barrier makes it even easier to install. The barrier can be easily cut with a sharp knife or blade. If during installation you find wall imperfections, these can be filled with Envirograf Intumescent Mastic (Product 58).

RSM RANGE                  30/60 minutes / Thickness   40mm                 120 minutes / Thickness 50mm


RSM Non-ventilated                                    1 metre long
Ref                                  Width
RSM150                         150mm
RSM180                         180mm
RSM200                         200mm
RSM250                         250mm
RSM300                         300mm


RSM/I with intumescent                            1 metre long
Ref                                    Width
RSM/I/150                       150mm
RSM/I/180                       180mm
RSM/I/200                       200mm                                                                      RSM/I/250                         250mm                                                                                               RSM/I/300                       300mm? 

RSM/A with ventilation holes                      1 metre long   

REF                                    Width                                                                                      RSM/A/150                         150mm                                                                                      RSM/A/180                       180mm                                                                                      RSM/A/200                       200mm                                                                                    RSM/A/250                       250mm                                                                                  RSM/A/300                       300mm

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