Replacement hardwood door edging
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Replacement hardwood door edging

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    This replacement door edging is supplied to fit doors with a thickness between 40mm and 56mm, and itis supplied in 2100mm lengths. It is a complete door edging with concealed intumescent and smoke seal, supplied in a range of thicknesses to fit varying gap sizes.

    – Foor use with door gaps of 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm
    – Can be used in conjunction with brush seals for larger gaps
    – Edging is supplied in a sapele finish as standard, but other finishes are available
    – Ideal for use in heavy-traffic areas where door edging is prone to damage, such as hospital corridors or hotel lobbies

    Remove the existing door edge with a sharp knife, chisel or saw, then rub down the edge with glass paper. If necessary (depending on the gap between door and frame), some planing may be required to allow for the replacement door edge. Replacement door edge fits flush one side (other side is wider to allow for planing down). Apply supplied glue to prepared door edge. Remove backing paper from self-adhesive strip on back of the replacement door edge. Press firmly into position. Hold the door edge firmly in place with masking tape while the glue sets (about 10-20 minutes). Finally, remove the masking tape and smooth down the projecting edge with a suitable plane and/or glass paper.

    ES46E                                   46mm x 7mm                      2100mm smoke seal 5mm

    For doors between 50mm and 56mm thick

    ES56E                                  56mm x 7mm                      2100mm smoke seal 5mm

    When ordering state length of brush required, 5mm, 7mm or 10mm.







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