Intumescent Pads
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Intumescent Pads

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    Pads with adhesive on one side which are designed to be fixed to the inside of plastic or metal trunking. The intumescent in the pads will expand in a fire and seal the inside of the trunking to prevent fire and smoke spreading through it. Specifically designed to compress cables and fill the entire width of the trunking.

    – Provide up to 3 hours protection for trunking passing through fire barrier walls, floors or ceilings- Slim profile allows cable maintenance to be carried out without removing the pads
    – Adhesive-backed and easily fitted in seconds
    – Designed to protect any amount of cables present

    For trunking sizes not exceeding 100mm x 100mm, only one intumescent pad is required per penetration. For trunking sizes equal to or exceeding 150mm x 150mm, two intumescent pads are required per penetration.
    The self- adhesive backing on the pad is revealed by removal of the protective covering paper, taking care
    not to touch the adhesive surface against fingers, dust, etc. for
    maximum adhesion strength. The pad is placed inside the trunking
    and within the penetration area, and then pressed firmly against
    the inside surface at one side of the trunking.

    REF                        TRUNKING SIZE                                 No. OF PADS                                                                               

    IP21                     050mm x 025mm                                                               1

    IP22                     050mm x 050mm                                                               1

    IP33                     075mm x 075mm                                                               1

    IP31                     075mm x 025mm                                                               1

    IP32                     075mm x 050mm                                                              1

    IP44                     100mm x 100mm                                                               1

    IP41                     100mm x 025mm                                                               1

    IP42                     100mm x 050mm                                                               1

    IP43                     100mm x 075mm                                                               1

    IP66                     150mm x 150mm                                                               2

    IP62                     150mm x 050mm                                                               2

    IP63                     150mm x 075mm                                                               2

    IP64                     150mm x 100mm                                                               2

    IP82                     200mm x 050mm                                                               2

    IP83                     200mm x 075mm                                                               2

    IP85                     200mm x 125mm                                                               2

    IP92                     225mm x 050mm                                                               2

    IP93                     225mm x 075mm                                                               2

    IP96                     225mm x 150mm                                                               2

    IP99                     225mm x 225mm                                                               2

    IP123                    300mm x 075mm                                                              2

    IP126                    300mm x 150mm                                                              2

    IP153                    375mm x 75mm                                                                2







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