Intumescent Letter Box Unit Range
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Intumescent Letter Box Unit Range

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    An intumescent fire and smoke protection letter flap system. Consists of a frame with smoke protection seal, a spring-loaded flap and an intumescent liner to fix into the door aperture. Also available is an all-in-one economy letter box complete with intumescent lining.

    – Provides up to 68 minutes protection- Can be installed on either side of a wide range of doors
    – A security hood or lockable letter plate can be supplied as internal alternatives to fit to the door
    – Economy letter box is ready to install in mail apertures, replacing the existing standard letter flap

    Insert the Letter Box Unit into the hole and fix with screws supplied; insert the liner to finish and then fix
    with double sided tape and pins supplied.
    For Internal Flaps / Security Hoods, align with the external flap and fix with screws supplied.

    TYPE                                HOLE SIZE                     OVERALL SIZE

    L1 – L4                               50 x 267mm                          75 x 315mm

    L6 – L8                               69 x 290mm                       100 x 335mm


    Option A: Front smoke frame and flap + intumescent liner.

    Option B: Front smoke frame and flap + intumescent liner + rear smoke frame and flap.

    Option C: Front smoke frame and flap + intumescent liner + security hood (standard security hoods are black).




    Brown                                    L1A                                          L1B                                          L1C

    White                                     L2A                                         L2B                                          L2C

    Stainless                               L3A                                          L3B                                          L3C

    Brass                                     L4A                                          L4B                                          L4C

    Coloured                               L6A                                          L6B                                          L6C

    Stainless                               L7A                                          L7B                                          L7C

    Brass                                     L8A                                          L8B                                          L8C

    Special BS and RAL colours made to order at an extra charge.



    REF                         COLOUR            APERTURE SIZE    EXTERNAL SIZE                                                               

    LLP1                      White                      260mm x 40mm                  310mm x 70mm

    LLP2                      White                      275mm x 60mm                  335mm x 100mm



    LLP3                      White                      260mm x 40mm                  310mm x 70mm

    LLP4                      White                      275mm x 60mm                  335mm x 100mm


    NEW LETTER BOX UNIT Complete with intumescent liner. Overall size 76mm x 310mm, deep to suit door sizes 38-60mm.

    LP/BC                    Bright Chrome

    LP/SC                    Satin Chrome

    LP/BRS                  Brass

    LP/WH                   White



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