Intumescent Fan Covers For Both Windows and Walls
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Intumescent Fan Covers For Both Windows and Walls

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    A cover for fan units mounted on either walls or windows. The cover fits around the fan unit and is affixed to the wall or window. The unit is fronted with an MG Grille (Product 35), fitted with intumescent strips to expand in a fire and seal the openings, thus preventing fire and smoke from spreading.

    – For use with electrical ventilation extractor units installed in fire barrier walls or glazing systems, providing up to 73 minutes integrity

    – Can be installed over most leading makes of electric fan, including VentAxia, Xpelair and more

    – Can be supplied with smoke shutters activated by 24V electromagnet with auto-reset solenoid

    – Provides fire and smoke protection, ideal for use in escape corridors and staircase fire escapes

    The wall-mounted unit simply fits over the fan unit, offering one hour fire
    protection. This can be fixed to brick, block or concrete using raw plugs &
    steel screws (32mm No8 or No10 screws or small rawl bolts). For
    plasterboard or lath & plaster walls before the plasterboard is applied metal or
    timber fixings can be allowed for while building, otherwise if fixing to existing
    walls or ceilings use steel butterfly toggle bolts
    The glass mounted unit consists of two plates, that are fitted to
    either side of the glass, between the internal rear section of the fan and the external front section. The fan unit is then constructed and fixed as usual around the plates. The grille unit is attached to the externally fitted plate with self tapping screws.

    REF                        A                             B                             C                             DIAM                                                                   


    FCG5                     315mm                  315mm                  150mm                  260mm

    FCG10                   285mm                  285mm                  140mm                  222mm

    FCG12                   390mm                  390mm                  170mm                  337mm

    FCG14                   210mm                  210mm                   50mm                  110mm

    FCG19                   430mm                  430mm                  200mm


    FCW1                     310mm                  310mm                   20mm

    FCW5                     315mm                  315mm                  150mm

    FCW10                  285mm                  285mm                 140mm

    FCW12                  390mm                  390mm                  170mm

    FCW14                  430mm                  430mm                   40mm

    FCW18                  210mm                  210mm                   50mm

    FCW19                  430mm                  430mm                  187mm

    FCW20                  458mm                  429mm                   30mm


    For use with Vent-Axia, Expelair and other fan types. Please contact Technical Department for further information.








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