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Water-based and Spirit-based intumescent coating for the protection of steel and aluminium. Easily applied to surfaces using a brush, roller, or sprayer, which will create a smooth finish. Therefore, easily painted over with any good quality paint for decorative finish

Unprotected steel can lead to building construction collapsing in a fire.

It can take just a few minutes for unprotected steelwork in a building to attain temperatures of around 550℃ in a fire. At this temperature, steelwork loses its load-beating capabilities and the structure is likely to collapse. Therefore, giving little time for occupants to evacuate in the event of a fire, and event less time for fire rescue services to bring the fire under control.

Building regulations and legislation demand fire protection to upgrade the fire resistance of buildings.
The Envirograf® range of intumescent coatings can certainly stand the heat.
EP/FS/INT offers up to and including 90 minutes of fire protection and can be applied both on and off-site.
EP/FS/INT is a waterborne product with low odour, an ideal solution for on-site application. A full tange of top sealers, both waterborne and solvent-based are also available to complement the intumescent coating.

We provide an extensive range of fireproof coatings, intumescent paint, wallpaper, and sprays compatible with a range of materials. You can explore our Fireproof Coatings here.

—Provides up to 90 minutes fire protection, dependant on the thickness of metal it is applied to
—Ideal for both internal and external protection of structural steel and aluminium
—Dries in approximately one hour under normal conditions

We’ve tested our intumescent steel paint to address the popular question of the feasibility of painting the Product 83 over the existing coats of paint on top of stealwork.

The test was carried out on two equal pieces of I-beam. Both specimens were coated with Product 83 (Including EP/FS/60P Primer). The test lasted for 150 minutes.

After the test was sopped and the charred intumescent was brushed off, we discovered that the original coatings remained unscathed.

Since the date of this test, Product 83 has enjoyed the great popularity among factories, public buildings and businesses alike by providing 2 hours fire protection without the need to remove the existing coating.

Ensure that steel is cleaned and free from loose rust. Over existing paints, ensure that the surface is
clean, dry, and free from grease or loose material before applying the primer. Slightly abrade any top
coat to provide a ket for the primer.
Apply Envirograf® EP/FS/P primer at a rate of 8m² per kg. If a primer has already been applied and is
sound, then there is no need to apply Envirograf® primer. Apply Envirograf® intumescent coat EP/FS/IN over the primed surface by brush, roller, or spray to give the correct loading as specified.
Depending on the thickness of the coats applied and the air temperature and humidity, each coat will
take approximately one to two hours to dry.
Do not apply the Envirograf® intumescent coat EP/FS/IN externally if rain is imminent. The top coat
must be applied for weather protection or the area should be temporarily covered over ti prevent
damage to coated areas by rain, snow, or water leakage. If a paint contract is not going to be completed
in a day, it is advisable to concentrate on one area at a time, thus ensuring all the coats including a top
coat can be applied in the same day. This does not apply to internal applications where rain, water, or
moisture are not a problem.
Where the steel is external, application of an undercoat is advisable. Use EP/FS/XP at the rate of 10m²
per litre. Allow 4-6 hours for this coat to dry.
For internal use apply the EP/FS/TCW top coat at a rate of 10m² per litre. For external use apply the
EP/FS/TCE top coat at a rate of 2 coats at 10-12m² per litre. The top coats can be supplied in any RAL or
BS colour.

EP/FS/P Primer

A red, water-based primer for use on internal or external steelwork.

REF Volume
EP/FS/P 1 litre
EP/FS/P 2.5 litre
EP/FS/P 5 litre
EP/FS/P 20 litre


EP/FS/IN/WB Intumescent coating

A water-based, intumescent coating for the protection of steel and aluminium. Requires a top coat.

REF Volume
EP/FS/IN/WB 1 litre
EP/FS/IN/WB 2.5 litre
EP/FS/IN/WB 5 litre
EP/FS/IN/WB 20 litre



A spirit-based, intumescent coating for the protection of steel and aluminium. Requires a top coat.

REF Volume
EP/FS/IN/SB 1 litre
EP/FS/IN/SB 2.5 litre
EP/FS/IN/SB 5 litre
EP/FS/IN/SB 20 litre


EP/FS/TCW Internal top coat

A water-based, protective top coat for internal use only. Gloss as standard, matt & satin also available.

REF Volume
EP/FS/TCW 1 litre
EP/FS/TCW 2.5 litre
EP/FS/TCW 5 litre
EP/FS/TCW 20 litre


EP/FS/TCE External top coat

A spirit-based, robust top coat designed for external us. Satin only.

REF Volume
EP/FS/TCE 1 litre
EP/FS/TCE 2.5 litre
EP/FS/TCE 5 litre
EP/FS/TCE 20 litre


Intershield flexible top coat

A top coat designed for use in areas with high moisture, such as swimming pools.

1 litre
2.5 litre
5 litre
20 litre



1 litre
2.5 litre
5 litre
20 litre


Mordant Solution

A primer for use on galvanised steel before application of protective coatings.

1 litre
2.5 litre
5 litre


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