Hinge Lock and Door Closer Protection
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Hinge Lock and Door Closer Protection

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    A flexible intumescent protection sheet 1mm thick, unaffected by moisture, and supplied in standard sizes for quick and easy fitting (some with self-adhesive backing , some plain ).

    – Supplied in standard sizes to make installation quick and convenient- Protects metalwork on doors for up to 91 minutes
    – Intumescent paper cools the lock, hinges, and screws and protects them from overheating in the event of a fire
    – Self-closing hinges can be individually adjusted, for example to have more tension, or to allow for buckled door tops

    Hinge, Lock and Door Closer Protection:
    Hinges: Remove hinges from both door and frame, cut the cut the Envirograf® intumescent paper to size to size,
    sandwich it between hinge and rebate on both door and frame then screw the hinges back.
    Lock & Keep: Remove lock, cut the Envirograf® intumescent paper to size, wrap it around the lock and sandwich it
    between the lock and door as you replace the lock. Place paper under the keep plate as well.
    Door Closer: Before fitting a door closer sandwich pre-cut cut the Envirograf® intumescent paper between the closer
    and the door face then fasten the closer to the door. When ordering state the size of intumescent paper
    required for your door closer.

    Self-Closing Hinges:
    DO NOT peel off the grey intumescent paper on the back of the hinges: it is an essential part
    of the fire protection product!
    Ensure there is a gap of 3½ – 4mm at the head and closing side and a 1mm gap on the hinge
    Fit the hinges to the door and frame and see whether the door closes without adjustment
    If adjustment is required, then adjust the top and bottom hinges with the larger Allen key to
    close the door fully onto the seals without slamming. Then insert the grub screw into the
    threaded hole and tighten fully with the smaller Allen key.
    Adjust the centre hinge slightly tighter than the other two hinges to latch
    Allen keys and screws are supplied with the set of three hinges.

    HP32 ( with self-adhesive backing )                                      32mm x 300mm

    HP36 ( with self-adhesive backing )                                       36mm x 300mm

    HP48 ( with self-adhesive backing )                                       48mm x 300mm

    HP300                                    300mm x 300mm

    LPH                                         150mm x 225mm (For Lock Areas)

    Other sizes available.

    ES/PLUG               38mm x 6mm intumescent-filled plastic plug for hinge screws offering 60 minutes protection


    Self-Closing Door Hinges for internal use only


    SCH set of 3 hinges, including screws

    Chrome, white, brown, polished brass and stainless steel finishes

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