Firobond Ultra Adhesive
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Firobond Ultra Adhesive

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    Firobond Ultra Adhesive is a fire retardant, high-performance laminating adhesive, specially developed for the bonding of mineral wool, inorganic board materials and wood-related products such as MDF. Produces a strong, durable bond, ideal for use in constructions which will require up to a 2-hour fire rating.

    – Can be used to bond inorganic board materials, including magnesium oxide, cement boards and laminated boards

    – Ideal for use with wood-related products, including MDF, chipboard and plywood

    – Forms a strong enough bond for use in the manufacture of internal partition walls, modules, fire doors and other fire-rated timber assemblies as well as standard timber doors

    – Once cured, offers high impact resistance and minimises water absorption into porous materials, such as wood or mineral wool

    Firobond Ultra Adhesive is thixotropic, which facilitates easy application, and it is designed to minimise absorption into porous substrates.

    Firobond Ultra Adhesive can be applied by an extrusion nozzle or bead head by a pump system for fast production rates. Available in a 310ml tube to fit a standard mastic gun, or containers of . kg, 1 kg 2. kg, 5 kg, and 20 kg.

    Firobond Ultra Adhesive should be applied to the board material at a coating rate of 100g/m. [10m./kg] to 250g/m. [4m./kg] depending on the porosity of the substrate. Mineral wool should be consolidated into the adhesive within 5 to 10 minutes. The panel should be constructed immediately and placed under pressure to consolidate the bond, thus ensuring pressure is applied evenly across the panel. Can be applied to wood joints, used for applying Envirograf® intumescent paper, material, card, and veneers to wood, plywood etc. Also used to adhere veneers to MDF, plywood, etc, giving a fire-resistant bond.

    Initial bond: 10 to 20 minutes

    Tack life: 10 minutes

    Full cure: within 24 hours

    Ref                        Mass

    FUA/0.5                0.5kg

    FUA/1                   1kg

    FUA/2.5                2.5kg

    FUA/5                   5kg

    FUA/20                 20kg









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