The Push Fit Door Seal
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The Push Fit Door Seal

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  • Category: Fire Doors

    A 2100mm-long plastic strip with intumescent fire and smoke seal which simply clips in to a routed groove, with no need for adhesive or pins. Available in brown or white as standard.

    – Available with brush or rubber smoke seals to seal gaps up to 15mm

    – Ideal for replacing existing rebated door seals and upgrading doors

    – Can be used on single or double action doors

    By simply routing a groove 5mm deeper than required for the seal itself, the additional grooving if door edges need further planing is eliminated. When the door set correctly closes and is ready for use the carpenter just clips the seal into the groove. Ease of use during redecoration: the seal can be easily removed from the top or bottom of the door using a screwdriver to release it so that decoration can occur without damaging the seal. Once decorating is completed the seal can be clipped back into place.

    Clip-in seals

    Ref               Size (Width x Depth)             Fire rating             Smoke seal             For use on

    CIS14/P       10mm x 5mm                          30 minutes             None                        Single or double doors

    CIS14/30     10mm x 5mm                          30 minutes             Angled rubber          Single action doors

    CIS14/B30   10mm x 5mm                          30 minutes             Brush                       Single or double doors

    CIS14/S30   10mm x 5mm                          30 minutes             Straight rubber        Single or double doors

    CIS15/P       15mm x 5mm                          60 minutes             None                        Single or double doors

    CIS15/60     15mm x 5mm                          60 minutes             Angled rubber          Single action doors

    CIS15/B60   15mm x 5mm                          60 minutes             Brush                       Single or double doors

    CIS15/S60   15mm x 5mm                          60 minutes             Straight rubber        Single or double doors

    CIS14/Flipper15mm x 5mm 30 minutes

    Smoke seals

    Smoke seals are available in a range of sizes and profiles. Please specify required size and type when ordering.

    Brush: 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm

    Straight rubber: 5mm, 7mm, 10mm

    Angled rubber: Will suit openings in single doors from 3mm to 6mm


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